Ed Sheeran - a published author?!

by - decembrie 12, 2014

"I never wanted to write a memoir. That's something you do when you're 75. But it happened," Ed says of his new book, A Visual Journey.

The book is a collaboration with Ed's childhood friend Phillip Butah, whose artwork serves as a powerful illustrative narrative. Phillip has worked on Ed's album covers in the past, and when he approached Ed with the idea of a book, the singer loved the concept so much that he agreed to help make it happen. Giving Phillip a lot of creative freedom, the two ran with the idea and the project took off.

"I really like the front cover of the book. It was meant to be the album cover, but it just didn't end up happening. I was glad to put it on something."

Readers are met with an abundance of major inspiration in both the pictures and the text. "It's an alternative to higher education for people who want to do something other than going to university and getting a degree," Ed says of his unlikely path to success. His "how-to" of sorts documents the life of a musician with his eye on the prize.

The book can be ordered online here :)

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