Spin-Off Supernatural: Bloodlines

by - martie 10, 2014

The CW tribe has spoken, and it's ditching the spin-off title Supernatural: Tribes and replacing it with Supernatural: Bloodlines.

Love the new name? Hate it? Still think they could do better?

The spin-off — which will air a backdoor pilot as the April 29 episode of Supernatural — is about five mafia-esque monster families who run the evil underworld of Chicago. According to Zap2it, the families are being tracked by a new hunter named Ennis who's trying to clear Chicago of all things supernatural, "spurred by a personal tragedy that propelled him to learn the truth about monsters and hunting."

In addition to announcing the series name change, TVLine revealed the CW show had cast its final series regular: Arrow and Supernatural alum Melissa Roxburgh will play Violet Durant, "a member of a powerful werewolf pack who hides her true nature because of her forbidden love for family rival David (The Originals’ Nathaniel Bozulic), a shapeshifter."

So here's the series regular line-up:

  • Danielle Savre is playing shapeshifter Margo Hayden

  • Sean Faris is werewolf Julian Durant
  • Lucien Laviscount will play police academy trainee/Hunter Ennis Roth
  • Stephen Martines is world-weary Chicago PD Detective Freddie Costa
  • Melissa Roxburgh has been cast as Violet

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  1. Yaaaaay, ador cum sună! :-D Mă rog, trebuie, în primul rând, să ajung la zi cu episoadele :<.
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    O primăvară frumoasă! >:D<

    1. Hey, stiu, si eu sunt fana SPN. E prea tare vestea asta ^_^
      Multumim pentru link :)
      - Diana