Will the Ravenswood Cast Appear on Pretty Little Liars?

by - martie 14, 2014

Ravenswood's cancellation left us with a lot of questions — mainly, did Caleb and Co. find a way to break the curse? — and Tyler Blackburn’s return to Pretty Little Liars in Season 5 will hopefully resolve some of these cliffhangers. But will Caleb be the onlyRavenswood resident who heads to Rosewood?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, “it is unclear whether other core Ravenswood characters will also reappear on Pretty Little Liars.” While that doesn’t seem to shed any light on the situation, we hope Caleb at least tells Hanna what happened in Ravenswood. Did they find a way to break the curse? Was Miranda able to go to the Other Side with Original Caleb? Were the Mathesons able to find happiness in the wake of their family tragedy? We’re going to need some explanation — perhaps a webseries would do the trick?

Regardless of what actually happens, it would be nice to see some of the Ravenwood crew visit Caleb in Rosewood. After all, Caleb doesn’t have many friends in Rosewood, and he seemed to really bond with Luke (Brett Dier), Olivia (Merritt Patterson), Remy (Britne Oldford), and Miranda (Nicole Anderson). We can totally see Remy fitting in perfectly with the Liars, especially Spencer. Maybe she can help them crack the “A” case! And Hanna and Olivia would totally be besties.

As for Luke, well, it’s unlikely we’ll see him in Rosewood anytime soon. Brett Dier recently landed a lead role on a new CW pilot, Jane the Virgin. And then there’s Miranda, who frankly, wouldn’t fit into Rosewood. Pretty Little Liars may be creepy sometimes, but it’s not supernatural. Throwing a ghost into the mix would cause more harm than good for the show.

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