‘Looking For Alaska’ Movie May Be In Development

by - iunie 01, 2014

Speculation time! I’m thinking Looking for Alaska is in the cards from the people who are making The Fault In Our Stars movie. Today I attended BookCon, a off-branch event of Book Expo America in New York City. At The Fault in Our Stars panel, producer Wyck Godfrey was asked about the prospect of a Looking for Alaska movie. He explained, “None of the people on this panel currently have the movie rights for that book, but what will be happening may become more clear next week!” Such a tease. What’s happening next week, Wyck?!

Fox 2000 is the studio of TFIOS, and it already has the rights for Paper Towns. Nat Wolff (who plays Isaac in Fault) will star in that film as Quentin! I think Fox is attempting to claim the entirety of John Green’s work, and I’m not complaining. Nothing confirmed yet though, and I’ll keep you posted.

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