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by - august 30, 2015

Hello, everyone ^.^

This week I'll start with music because there are a lot of hot stuff I want to share with you.

First of all, let's get back in time when I told you that Disney announced the films for the next years, well now we have a Disney album! The album will be released on October 30 and includes 15 tracks.

"Friend Like Me" (From Aladdin) – Ne-Yo
"Part of Your World" (From The Little Mermaid) – Jessie J
"Can You Feel the Love Tonight / Nants’ Ingonyama" (From The Lion King) – Jason Derulo
"The Rainbow Connection" (From The Muppet Movie) – Gwen Stefani
"Zero to Hero" (From Hercules) – Ariana Grande
"In a World of My Own / Very Good Advice" (From Alice in Wonderland) – Jhené Aiko
"I Wan’na Be Like You (The Monkey Song)" (From The Jungle Book) – Fall Out Boy
"Colors of the Wind" (From Pocahontas) – Tori Kelly
"Spoonful of Sugar" (From Mary Poppins) – Kacey Musgraves
"Ev’rybody Wants to Be a Cat" (From The Aristocats) – Charles Perry
"A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes" (From Cinderella) – Jessie Ware
"Let It Go" (From Frozen) – Rascal Flatts & Lucy Hale
"It’s a Small World" – We Love Disney Artists
"It’s Not Easy Being Green" (From The Muppet Show) – Brenna Whitaker
"A Whole New World" (From Aladdin) – Yuna

Who doesn't love Dracula? I mean, the animation adaption from Disney, "Hotel Transylvania". And who doesn't love feminists? Well, there are some people, but that doesn't matter because Fifth Harmony have a new music video for "I'm in love with a monster" which will be on the soundtrack list for "Hotel Transylvania 2".

If you are a Justin Bieber fan - or not - you must know about all those rumors and things that were going on. "What do you mean?" Well, a bunch of celebs were promoting Justin's new song... somehow! I was expecting something else, but this song is summer-ish and catchy af, so check it out below ^.^ 

Is this the new "Uptown funk"? Well, at least Macklemore and Ryan Lewis tried! What do you think about their new music video? A funny one, and maybe it will hunt you while you're at shopping for clothes ^^"

Speaking about music, we have some sad news: Ed Sheeran is taking a "long break". Ed is apparently planning to take some time off to do some good and volunteer at a local charity shop in his hometown of Framlingham, Suffolk. According to the manager of the Sue Ryder charity shop, she recently told the paper, "There’s a good possibility he will volunteer here. We’d welcome him." The manager continued to share that many of the store's volunteers new Ed when he was growing up and would be totally fine working with the celeb. We're pretty sure she just means they wouldn't get starstruck watching him fold clothes and greet customers (unlike us). The singer even posted an Instagram photo with the hashtag #suffolk, confirming he is back with his hometown mates.

Now about some movie... adaption? But till then... Elle Fanning and her role in "About Ray" is a serious thing! In a new interview with Out, Elle Fanning opened up about her initial apprehension to take on the transgender role she's playing in About Ray — and what ultimately made her go for it. "It did make me very nervous when I was asked to do this film. It was a big responsibility. I was really moved by Ray’s story," the 17-year-old actress said. "I have a lot of transgender friends, so it was interesting for me to read this script and try to really understand the struggle of my friends and how they think and handle these issues. They are really incredible people.

To prepare for the film — which follows a kid in New York who transitions from Ramona to Ray and the upheaval that comes with such a significant life change — Elle watched a lot of YouTube videos and talked to trans teens across the country. “Some kids were telling me such personal things,” she says. “It was really moving. I was a stranger, and they were opening up to me, and way more confident than I would be. On YouTube, I watched how they lit up — they were so happy about becoming who they are, so happy that they don’t have to hide anymore.

The movie hits theaters on September 18th and I don't know about you, but I'm putting this one on my "must watch" list. This is an amazing story with a powerful message and I think all of us should watch it!

Speaking about powerful messages, just look at this new "Hunger Games" poster! This last movie it will be epic! Even if I didn't watch it all from the beginning, I feel like I'm gonna love this much more than I "liked" the "Divergent" series...

fve full

Now, remaining at "Hunger Games"... well, at Jennifer Lawrence because she is writing and starting in a movie with Amy Schumer! “We play sisters,” Jennifer shared. “We’re almost done writing. It just flowed out of us. We’ve got about 100 pages right now.”. “Amy and I were creatively made for each other," she continued. "We have different flavors. It’s been the most fun experience of my life. We start the day off on the phone, laughing. And then we send each other pages. And we crack up.”. Well, hopefully this is serious because I know I am so damn curious right now!

jlaw amy

Who said we are totally upset about Nina quitting TVD? Now she has time to do other stuff and playing different characters. Like in this movie called "The final girls" where she plays alongside Taissa Farmiga from AHS. After all, this movie is a comedy with young actors and... a murderer! Must. Watch!

I know I drive you crazy with my obsession for AHS, but here are some good stuff for fans - and for those who want to watch it and need some motivation :). The firs look for this new season arrived and it's full with... pictures! We can see our faves in the flesh of their characters below and wow, Lady G has more to offer than I thought! You can read here more about the characters.

The appetite of "American Horror Story" has grown from year to year in terms of ratings and awareness, with last year’s "Freak Show" garnering the biggest audience and most Emmy noms than any iteration preceding.

So, it’s not altogether surprising that Ryan Murphy and his writing team are considering doing two iterations of the series going forward. “Next year we might do a fall "American Horror Story" and a spring,” says Murphy. “We have to decide.” 

He adds, “We’re doing something that we’ve never done before on the show where we’re doing two different groups of writers rooms. Some of our writers will be bouncing around but a whole different group coming in late August. The next thing we’re crafting up is very, very different than this. Not smaller. But just not opulent. More rogue and more dark.” 

ISN'T. THIS. AMAZING? OMG! More AHS, more creeps, more goosebumps! Me love it! You can watch here a little BTS video... somehow! 

Let's talk about those movie adaption I told you in the beginning... 

First is... "The girl on the train"! I didn't know about this one, but apparently Dream Works will do the movie and it will be directed by Tate Taylor and Erin Cressida Wilson will do the script!

Deadline reports Ferguson will play the role of a married woman in the film, which follows Emily Blunt’s character, who is devastated by her recent divorce.

Blunt’s character fantasizes about a “perfect couple” who live in a house that her train passes daily. Having Emily Blunt and Rebecca Ferguson working together would be a dream come true, as the two actresses are both incredibly talented, and Blunt is incredibly underused in Hollywood.

An now, finally the book-to-film adaptation of "The Girl on the Train" has found its final co-lead in Haley Bennett.

The actress will be playing Megan, the person who Rachel obsessively observes from “the train” every morning until the former goes missing. The sudden disappearance causes Rachel to take the investigation into her own hands because her unstable frame of mind leaves her desperate for answers.

And what's the best in the final! So get very berry excited because... "The Sky Is Everywhere" may turn into a movie *fangilr* *screams* !!! If you didn't read "The Sky Is Everywhere" then you TOTALLY SHOULD! It's an amazing book and you'll fall in love with the characters and then your heart will broke, but in the end everything may seem ok, but trust me, it isn't! You can read my review here. There were some speculations that Selena Gomez will play the main character, but who knows now?!

Warner Bros. and Di Novi Films have optioned the movie rights to "The Sky Is Everywhere", the debut novel of Jandy Nelson. The move continues the studio’s relationship with Nelson as Warners previously optioned the author’s 2014 hit YA book "I’ll Give You the Sun" (Natalie Krinsky is currently adapting this novel, which Di Novi and Greenspan are also producing).

Denise Di Novi and Alison Greenspan will produce. Nelson will exec produce.

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  1. This album sounds awesome, I can't wait to hear it ^_^
    Ce dragut suna I'm in love with a monster :)) chiar dragut dragut, imi place :))
    Mie nu prea-mi place noua melodie a lui Justin Bieber, mi se pare ca sa repeta prea mult versul...in schimb melodia Downtown mi se pare foarte draguta, mai ales videoclipul :)))
    Oh, no! But I want more Ed....
    Cu restul postarii sunt putin paralela :)))

  2. Doamne cate filme faine urmeaza sa apara, cel mai mult imi doresc sa apara "The Hunger Games" si sa vad cum se va termina, desi am citit cartile. Pozele serialului "American Horror Story" sunt foarte interesante. "The Girl on the Train" & "The Sky Is Everywhere" nu am citit inca, dar ma bucur ca vor aparea si ecranizari.

    1. Nu stiu ce sa-ti zic de "The Girl on the Train", dar "Cerul e pretutindeni" merita citita pana la ultima pagina! Crede-ma ca e o carte superba *.* #hug

  3. Ce fain, The girl on the train va fi ecranizata. Trebuie sa citesc mai repede cartea ca sa vad si filmul cand apare :D. La fel cu The sky is everywhere. :)

  4. ONG!Deci iubesc rubrica asta! ❤❤❤
    In primul rand stiam ca Justin Biber va lansa o melodie noua,dar datorită listării tale am aflat ca s-a lansat deja.Nu pot sa-mi dau cu parerea pentru ca inca nu am avut timp sa o ascult...Oricum nu prea cred ca e mai buna ca Where are u now... :))
    Piesa de la Fifty Harmmony suna chair bine,si sper ca vor avea succes,la fel cum s-a intamplat si cu Worth it 😍😍
    In legătură cu filmele noi aparute,sunt foarte nerăbdătoare...
    Vreau sa vad finalul din The Hunger games,dar nu am vazut decat primele doua filme,deci mai am prima parte din Revolta :)
    Imi pare super rău ca Nina a părăsit TVA si nu pot sa-mi imaginez cum o sa fie sezonul 7,dar hei!Ideea ca ar putea juca in alte filme,chiar ma încântă! 😊😊
    Ma bucur mult ca se vor adapta Fata din tren si Cerul e pretutindeni,desi nu am avut ocazia sa le citesc,am auzit ca sunt foarte bune!! :) :*

    1. Ma bucur mult de tot ca-ti place rubrica - pana acum am primit numai pareri pozitive #loveyouall #hug Imi plac super-mult comentariile de genul - kilometrice si cute :3 Si da, "Cerul e pretutindeni" e oficial una dintre cartile mele preferate, asa ca ti-o recomand cu drag - merita! <3