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by - ianuarie 03, 2016

Well, hello dreamers! This is another post about what-happened-this-week. Really - and strangely - not much, to be honest! After all those post-Christmas-parties and New-Year-things, I still have some - little - news for you :)

George R.R. Martin has revealed that he still hasn’t finished "Winds of Winter" (the forthcoming sixth novel in the epic fantasy series "A Song of Ice and Fire"), and is nearly certain now that it won’t be out before Game of Thrones season 6 premieres on HBO in April. Well, I'm not a GoT fan - not yet, at least -, but this man is everything, seriously :)) He missed a Halloween AND a Christmas deadline and now Martin says he won’t be setting a third. “I am not going to set another deadline for myself to trip over. The deadlines just stress me out.” Martin seems sure that whenever he finishes "Winds of Winter", his U.S. and U.K. publishers will be able to have it out within three months of turning in the manuscript.

You’re disappointed, and you’re not alone,” Martin writes. “My editors and publishers are disappointed, HBO is disappointed, my agents and foreign publishers and translators are disappointed… but no one could possibly be more disappointed than me. For months now I have wanted nothing so much as to be able to say, ‘I have completed and delivered THE WINDS OF WINTER’ on or before the last day of 2015.

It’s on me,” he admits. “I tried, and I am still trying. I worked on the book a couple of days ago, revising a Theon chapter and adding some new material, and I will be writing on it again tomorrow. But no, I can’t tell you when it will be done, or when it will be published.

From the most-loved - or hated - person to another: Benedict Cumberbatch who will play Marvel’s "Doctor Strange".

Doctor Strange is the first leading man in the MCU to combat the forces of evil with the help not of super strength or super tech, but magic. Doctor Stephen Vincent Strange is a sorcerer, who protects the earth from magical and mystical threats.

Despite the fact that the film is premiering in less than a year, filming only recently started, and Benedict Cumberbatch tells EW that he’s, “still in the infancy” of learning the complicated hand-movements Strange uses for spell-casting.

It was like, okay, I’ve got to keep throwing these poses, these spells, these rune-casting things, everything he does physically,” Cumberbatch says. “I’m thinking, there’s going to be a huge amount of speculation and intrigue over the positioning of that finger as opposed to it being there, or there. And I’m still working on that. We haven’t played any of those scenes yet. I felt really self-conscious. But, then, by the end, it was great. It’s like anything, you just have to experiment.

"Doctor Strange" premieres November 4, 2016. Also starring are Tilda Swinton, Rachel McAdams, Chiwetel Ejiofor, and Mads Mikkelsen.

Now I'll share with you guys two new music releases that I'm so in love with. One is from Taylor Swift - who I'm starting to like most because of her new album - and the other one is from my old love, Panic! At The Disco. Their new album "Death of a Bachelor" will be out Jan. 15, 2016. I really want to read your opinions about these two :3

And last, but not least, something motivational from my favorite youtuber, Lily. She supports love between girls and talks about how girls hate each others. We all should watch this clip and think twice when we want to insult a girl or to tell her bad things about her body, her hair or her work. It's easy to say bad things about people, but let's try - every single one of us - to be more optimist and to say more good stuffs about each other (girls or boys) #girllove

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