Christina Aguilera Pregnant?

by - februarie 21, 2014

In Touch contacted Kathleen to pry some details out of her about the couple’s upcoming wedding and those pregnancy rumors that emerged earlier this month. Though she initially indicated she’d “been sort of told not to say anything,” the well-meaning mama was tripped up when the savvy reporter asked a question about whether or not Matt and Xtina would move to the East Coast. (The couple currently lives in L.A.)

“I don’t know what their plans are,” Kathleen replied, “but when you have a baby, you’re not planning on moving anywhere anytime soon!” ...Whoops.

Now multiple sources confirm to Us Weekly that baby no. 2 is definitely on the way for the singer and her new fiancé. Congratulations, Max Bratman — sounds like you’re about to become a big brother!

Christina is on a break from The Voice, so it sounds like the perfect time in her life to focus on planning a wedding and preparing for a baby. The question is... which will come first?

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