The Clouded Sky - Cover Reveal

by - februarie 03, 2015

The Clouded Sky, the sequel to Earth & Sky, will be out in just three months.

"Skylar never imagined that she’d end up helping a boy from another planet search through Earth’s history for a way to end his people’s secret control over her world. But now that she’s been drawn into Win’s group of rebels, she can’t walk away until their mission is completed.

Whisked to the immense space station that Win and the rest of the Kemyates call home, Skylar discovers that even the rebels don’t see her as an equal. Determined to prove herself amid her homesickness in the alien environment, she throws herself into the work to free Earth. Her keen attention to detail and skill with numbers start to earn her colleagues’ respect, but that doesn’t make her position any less precarious. As the Enforcers escalate their attempts to capture the rebels, it becomes clear that someone within the resistance is leaking information to the enemy. And Skylar may be in the best position to uncover the traitor.

With each step toward the truth, Skylar is pulled deeper into the lives around her and the full horrors of her planet’s imprisonment. To see her mission through, she must risk her life, her heart, and the future she’s worked so hard to preserve."

What do you think about the cover? Or book description?

- Diana

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  1. Doamne, ce copertă! E puțin cam luminoasă pentru gustul meu, dar tot e superbă.
    Megan Crewe nu e cea care a scris Fantomele ne ştiu toate secretele?
    Dacă da, sper să pot citi şi cartea asta.

    1. Da, ea a scris "Fantomele ne stiu toate secretele". Gasesti pe blog un interviu cu ea, la sectiunea "Interviews" ;)
      - D.