What's happening with Tyler Hoechlin in "Teen Wolf" season 5?

by - martie 13, 2015

Creator Jeff Davis said: "Tyler Hoechlin decided he wanted more time to pursue movies (...). We talked and creatively agreed that maybe this was a good season to refocus on the teens of Teen Wolf, and while he won’t be a series regular anymore, I can say that you probably won’t have seen the last of Derek Hale. We love him and miss him."

Hoechlin has been on Teen Wolf since season 1 and has been integral to the plot each year the show has been on MTV. In season 4, Derek finally came to terms with his role as a beta werewolf and stepped aside as Scott truly came into his own as an Alpha werewolf. By the end of season 4, Derek was able to transform into an actual wolf.

And just as the show has done with Jackson (Colton Haynes) and Isaac (Daniel Sharman), they’ll be leaving the door open for a return when schedules align.

Hoechlin recently finished a film titled That’s What I’m Talking About, directed and written by Boyhood‘s Richard Linklater. The film centers around the lives of baseball players both on and off the field, and it has been getting a lot of positive buzz lately.

Plus, Ashton Moio (Twisted) has joined Teen Wolf season 5...


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