Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiars: Library of Souls

by - mai 28, 2015

Good news for us, the fans of Ransom Riggs: he reveals cover for 'Library of Souls' - the third book in the 'Miss Peregrine' series. I don't know bout you but this is just so amazing! It looks so creepy and cool ^^" just like the first two books. If you didn't read the first two books then you totally should! I read the first one, the one translated in our country, but I can't wait for the second and the third to be translated too. If you want an opinion, you can read the review for the first book here.

Ransom Riggs took only 10 months to write the first book of the series, 'Hallow City' took two and a half years and now 'Library of Souls' took about 15 months - and it will be released September 22, 2015.

About the movie adaption of the 'Miss Peregrine' we talked here and now Ransom told EW more about the set:
"Miss Peregrine’s home is really the symbolic heart of the story (as well as its title), and Tim Burton and his team of set designers and decorators have done an extraordinary job bringing it to life. I was able to see a number of the interior sets, which were built on sound stages in a studio, and they are grand and eccentric and Victorian – and so immersive and detailed that I had a genuine out-of-body moment when I came onto the sound stage. I thought I’d walked into the pages of my book. And then to watch Tim bounding around them like an enthusiastic kid in a life-sized play-land … double out-of-body. Especially for someone who grew up loving his movies. 
The relationship between Jacob and Emma. It’s really the soul of the story, and of Jacob’s journey from ordinary to extraordinary. They’re played by Asa Butterfield and Ella Purnell, who are not only fantastic people but great actors, as well. I’ve watched some of their scenes from behind the camera, and they’re funny and charming and have tons of chemistry. I can’t wait to watch their friendship and love for one another unfold on the big screen."

What do you think abut it? :)

- Diana

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