Shatter Me becoming a TV Show?

by - iunie 19, 2015

As you probably know, Shatter Me is an amazing series written by *the-one-and-only* Tahereh Mafi. She announced on her official twitter account that...

... and I needed a moment for fangir-ing.

Now, we don't know anything about the cast, but if you have a dream cast you can tell us in a comm. Me? I don't know right now, especially because I read the book a few years ago so I forgot half of it, BUT I'l re-read it with this occasion ^^ Sad that in Romania Leda published just the first book - the only book from series that I read -, but I'm still hopping that they will publish the rest of them - maybe the first one too with a new cover ;)

Here is the Romanian version of the book:

You can read the news about Tahereh's husband series here, the review of the book here and watch some awesome interviews here.

- Diana

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