Author Samantha Shannon Talks The Bone Season FanCasting Debate

by - mai 04, 2014

"I can’t stand whitewashing in films. There’s no excuse for it, and I will fight hard to make sure characters like Liss, Julian, Nadine and Zeke are not whitewashed in the adaptation."

It’s difficult for most authors when transitioning a book into live action adaptation to fit everyone’s ideal idea of who they want to play that character and this is not only because we all picture different people when we read, but also because the author has an idea themselves of what they look like. As Samantha say’s on her tumblr (sshannonauthor) ‘fancasts are just fancasts, and as you say, people will always picture Warden and the other characters in very different ways’. Sometimes we could envisage a character in the form of an actor that is already established in the industry or sometimes it’s more fitting to have a newcomer that resembles the character more. Either way Samantha Shannon has reassured fan’s that until a director is not chosen and the script written, the casting stage is still a thing of great things to come in the future.

She also talks about the Rephaim, ‘the real rulers of the UK; sombre-gowned, divinely tall, humanoid but inhuman beings from another dimension. who are plotting to take over the world.’ (Quoted from theguardian website) Of course as casting is still further away, these characters and their bodily design will still have to be debated, especially as Shannon has gone to incredible lengths to describe how they look. This will most probably help the ‘Imaginarium Studio’ when they begin design work through ‘performance capture technology’, the likes that produced much loved characters such as Gollum and King Kong. Samantha has said that she’d “like them to be played by actors from a variety of ethnic origins” and this is definitely possible. Andy Serkis also mentioned at the London event that anyone whether they were short, tall, of any ethnic origin could play a role because of PCT. Which makes this technology even more exciting in terms of the 7 book series to come by Samantha Shannon, especially as we’re sure there will many amazing characters designed through this technology.

I am heavily involved, the studio does respect my opinion, and I want this adaptation to adhere to the source material where it matters most.

For all fans alike, sticking as closely as possible to the book is really the epitome of what they want from an adaption to the big screen. So we’re glad to know that Samantha is heavily involved with the studio and also that she respects the undoubted debate that occurs when your favourite book hits the big screen in terms of actors and actresses. As with any series the fancasts can play an important part to casting, but also debating with the author allows both sides to think of characteristics of characters such as Paige and Warden in new and upcoming actors.

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  2. Am auzit și eu ceva despre acestă carte, dar nu am găsit nicio recenzie nici în engleză și aprope nicio informație despre ea. Dar mi se pare foarte interesantă și, atunci când o vor traduce și la noi, o vreau! :))

    1. Cartea a fost tradusa si la noi, anul trecut, cand autoare a avut o sesiune de autografe la Carturesti.
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