"GREEKORIAN" by Lacole Kinter

by - decembrie 23, 2013

"Adrasteia Lakent is on the verge of her 18th birthday when she decides to take a chance and find her father, a man whom she knows nothing about apart from his first and last name. Driven by never having a father figure in her life, she devastates her mother with a planned trip to Oregon, her place of birth and the last place Derek Lakent was seen. 

Before she can even pay for her plane ticket, things start going horrifically wrong. Soon her boyfriend is being accused of murders she knows he didn't commit, and her mother is ushering her to the airport before she has the chance to graduate high school. 

After arriving in Oregon, the truth is uncovered and it isn't anything close to what she envisioned. Everything she's ever been told has been part of an intricately spun deception. She finds herself wrapped up in a destiny she never fathomed. Will she embrace the fighter within or give in to her predetermined fate? Greekorians: a world she never knew she was a part of. "


Lacole Kinter was born in Killeen, Texas and moved to Oklahoma when she was younger. 
Greekorian, a YA novel (approximately 88,000 words) is Lacole's first novel and was published in October of 2013. Lacole is currently working on the second book in the Greekorian series that has officially been given the title 'Gorgorian'.
Lacole currently resides in a fairly-large town in Oklahoma where flooding, tornadoes, snow, and scorching temperatures happen all in one week. She lives with her boyfriend, two beautiful daughters, and a cat named Velvet.

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