Bella Thorne And Her YA Book

by - aprilie 13, 2014

"The first book in the 'Autumn Falls' series tells the story of a 14-year-old girl whose high school life changes after an encounter with magic," she says. "I was inspired by my own personal experiences with trying to fit in and starting over. I wanted to tell a story that other teens could relate to but with a little humor and in a slightly fantasy way. I wanted to tell a story that could impact teens with struggles that we all experience, and I wanted to tell it in a way that is a little escape from reality."

"I think everything about my life is magical," she says. "I've struggled, and against most odds, I'm truly having the experience of living my dreams."

"I listen to music, I look at old pictures, and I step away for a moment until I'm inspired once more," she says. "Music is a big part of my life. I listen to different genres, and I choose the music that will inspire the next part of my story. For example, if I'm writing about a reflective moment, I'll choose a slower song or a ballad. If I need some energy, I'll listen to some pop music. And if I'm in need of some cool factor, hip-hop is my choice."

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